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Cooked food

Rokko Miso Freeze-Dried Miso Soup (Onion) 10 servings


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Cooked food

Rokko Miso Freeze-Dried Miso Soup (Onion) 10 servings


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It is freeze-dried Miso soup made by a long-established specialty store "Rokko Miso" in Ashiya. It is renewed by striving for the highest quality of authentic miso.

This onion miso soup is based on the naturally-brewed red rice miso, using a modest amount of traditional sweet salt. Containing eggs and spinach makes it flavorful and kids love it! Enjoy the authentic flavor anytime and anywhere!

It is No MSG, and additive-free.

Containing 10 packages.


■Ingredients: rice miso, egg, onion, fried bean curd, spinach, mirin, dried seaweed, bonito flakes extract, starch, fermented extract powder, dextrin, dried green onion, kelp powder, shiitake extract/coagulant for tofu, antioxidant (Vitamin E) (egg and soy bean are partially contained for the ingredients)

■Contains: 11g x 10

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: place this product in a bowl and pour hot water up to 80% of the bowl (approx. 160ml). Gently mix it and enjoy!

■Caution: be careful with hot water when preparing and eating.

■How to store: avoid high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature.

■Manufacturer: Rokko Miso Co,.Ltd.

■Product formulations, packaging and promotions may change. For the most current information refer to the product packaging.

Item No. V00585999028

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