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Apple Cider Vinegar Drink The Goddess of Beauty PG Switchel


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Apple Cider Vinegar Drink The Goddess of Beauty PG Switchel


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A huge hit among the beauty and health conscious!
The easy and delicious way to maintain your health.

Switchel, popular among the health conscious men and women has now
become even healthier with proteoglycan.

Made with apple cider vinegar, honey, ginger and proteoglycan,
it has no preservatives, coloring or sugar. 

Even if you're not a big fan of drinking vinegar, this Switchel is
apple cider based, so it is easier to drink and you can also mix it with
water, soda and garnish with fruits or mint leaves.

One bottle serves about 10 glasses (2 tbsp/30ml per glass).
Why not make drinking a glass a day in the morning or during breaks 
from work your daily routine?

The Goddess of Beauty PG Switchel is manufactured by a renowned
soy sauce and miso brewery called "Kanesyou", which was established 
over 100 years ago in Tsugaru, Aomori.

Kaneshyou's apple cider vinegar is made using ripe apples
grown in Tsugaru. Since the whole apple is puréed and fermented,
which is their unique and original way of making apple cider vinegar,
the fresh flavor of apple is very present. 

Also, the apple cider vinegar is fermented in a low-temperature environment
over the course of 180 days, which is a testament to their 
resolve to provide the best apple cider vinegar possible,
and The Goddess of Beauty PG Switchel is one of their signature products.

Aomori PG (Aomori proteoglycan) is made from the nose cartilages of
salmon. Only the alcohol and food-grade acetic acid are used to extract
proteoglycan. Even though proteoglycan itself has garnered much attention 
since the '70s, extracting proteoglycan from the nose cartilages of salmon had been 
quite difficult and costly - to the tune of 30,000,000 yen per 1 g - which
had also made proteoglycan such rare and valuable ingredient.

However, inspired by the cooking process of Aomori's traditional dish 
called "Hizunamasu", which is sliced and pickled salmon head cartilage,
researchers succeeded in developing a technique to extract proteoglycan
using acetic acid. 

As a result, extracting proteoglycan became much easier and simpler, 
reducing the cost to 1/1,000 of what it used to be.
It also led to the incorporation of proteoglycan into daily items such as 
cosmetic products and food, making proteoglycan a lot more affordable and 

■Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Ginger, Proteoglycan Salmon Nose Cartlidge Extract
■Content: 300ml
■Weight (g)(Including Packaging):560g
■Manufactured in Japan
■How to Serve:
Mix 2 tbsp of Switchel with water, soda, hot water, milk, etc. (prepare five times the amount of Switchel).
You can add Switchel to tea or fruit juice.
*One tbsp (15ml) of Switchel will provide 5mg of proteoglycan.
■Caution: Consume as soon as possible once opened.
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store in room temperature.
■Shelf Life (from the manufactured date): 365 days
■Brand: Aomori Proteoglycan

Item No. 453694999028

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