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Microwave-Use Pressure Cooker "Kiwamiaji" Yellow

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Microwave-Use Pressure Cooker "Kiwamiaji" Yellow


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"Kiwamiaji" is for a microwave-use pressure cooker. By just sliding the lid, it can be airtightly sealed, and pressure cooking allows you to shorten the cooking hours. Easy cooking by just putting ingredients in a pot helps your busy days. It is made of light-weight strong plastic which is not only lightweight but also is easy cleaning for a maintenance. It is also dishwasher safe. 30 different recipes included.

Color: Yellow

Component Names and Structure

A: Safety valve (safety ball is built-in)

It lowers the pressure when the pressure regulating valve gets clogged. 

※Please lower the safety ball because the pressure inside will come out if it is at the top.

B: Lid

C: Grip

D: Gasket

The gasket encloses the inside of the lid. Make sure there is no adhesion of dirt or twists and install it in the right place.  

E: Pressure regulating weight 

The pressure regulating weight is a weight to add pressure.

F: Pressure regulating valve

It adjusts the internal pressure during pressure cooking. Insert the pressure regulating nozzle from the front side of the lid, put the washer on the part sticking out from the back of the lid,  and put the latch on to stabilize it.

G: Visual Safety Float

The visual safety float is raised when it is heated with the lid completely closed and the internal pressure inside the pot has increased. This shows that the pot is pressured. On the other hand, the visual safety float is lowered and the lid can be opened safely once the internal pressure has decreased after cooking.

H: Body


Instruction for Use

1. Put in ingredients.

2. Place the lid. Twist it to the CLOSE direction.

Adjust the △ mark on the lid to the △mark on the body."

3. Once the lid is closed, set the pressure regulating weight to the pressure regulating valve.

4. Put it in the microwave and heat it.

5. After heating, leave it to steam.

6. Take it out from the microwave.

7. Tilt the weight to let out the steam after making sure the visual safety float is lowered.

8. Remove the weight.

9. Twist the lid to the OPEN direction and open it.


Materials: LidBodyPressure nozzlePressure adjustment stopperadditional small lid: polypropylene

Parts to prevent the gasket from clinging: polyacetal

Safety valveSafety visual floatPressure adjustment weight coverPushing parts to prevent the gasket from clingingGasket: silicon

Safety valve ball: Teflon resin (pressure adjustment weight: iron, WasherSpring: stainless steel)

Place of production: Japan

Name of brand: Microwave-Use Pressure Cooker Kiwamiaji

Manufacturer: The SKATER Co., Ltd.

Color: yellow

Size: 251 x 212 x 137 mm  2.3 L

Size Details: W 25.1 x D 21.2 x H 13.7 cm  Volume 2.3 L

■Weight (g) (item only): 980

■Weight (g) (incl. packing): 1250

Handling cautions:

Dishwasher safe

Microwave use only

Others: SG markPSC mark obtained.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V04390999028
Jan: 4973307239571

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Microwave-Use Pressure Cooker "Kiwamiaji" Yellow 4

Post date 25/01/2019 Friday
Short courses with microwave! I strongly recommend it. I am cooking for two servings. I want a size that can cook about 4 people.

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